DKT International’s core mission is to provide high-quality, affordable options for family planning and HIV prevention through social marketing. Social marketing is the practice of using commercial strategies to promote public health. DKT works to make contraceptive products more widely available by increasing the number of retail spaces that sell them and more affordable by subsidizing the cost of these products. We create brands of contraceptives, advertise, and sell these products through existing retail spaces, such as pharmacies and kiosks. DKT also conducts behavior change campaigns to raise awareness of modern contraception and s e x u a l health issues.


Today, DKT designs and implements social marketing programs in countries across Latin America, Africa, and Asia. DKT programs provided over 30 million Couple Years of Protection in 2015, making DKT one of the largest private providers of contraceptives in the developing world.


Over the past 30+ years, social marketing programs have been quite successful in promoting contraceptive use. Social marketing also has distinct advantages over public sector family planning programs; we believe social marketing is non-patronizing, cost-effective, and achieves results quickly.


Non-patronizing.  DKT contraceptives are not perceived as charity by consumers.  Rather, they are seen as normal commercial products offered at affordable prices. DKT products are advertised and packaged so as to be indistinguishable from contraceptive products made by for-profit companies.


Cost-effective. Charging even a low price for contraceptive products has several advantages. First, allowing retailers to make even a small profit from the product motivates them to keep it in stock. Second, products that are purchased are more likely to be used that products that are given away for free. DKT also uses cross-subsidization to reinvest revenue from products with a higher profit-margin back into its social marketing programs.


Fast Results. Using existing retail spaces and health service delivery networks allows us to quickly scale up programming and provide contraceptives to thousands of outlets in a short period of time.

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